Patricia Smith Smith

Profile Updated: October 7, 2008
Patricia Smith
Residing In: Swedesboro, NJ USA
Spouse/Partner: William
Occupation: Retired
Children: Kimberly Born 1964
Grandchildren: Elyse Age 6
Patrick Age 3

Patrick More…Born 1968

Bill has 2 Sons, 1 Daughter & 6 Grandchildren


After graduating from DMHS I attended Emerson College in Boston; completing four years of study in three. I then attended Purdue University nd received a Masters Degree in Speech and Hearing Therapy, While at Purdue I met my first husband, Richard McCall. During our 18 years of marriage we moved 10 times. (From Atlantic to Pacific.) It was a very interesting adventure and lots of fun. In 1974 we moved to Wallingford PA. During this time I was involved in private speech and hearing therapy. It worked out well while my children were growing up. In 1979 Dick died of liver failure and I was thrown into a position I never expected. Two children a large home and total responsibility for everything. It was necessary that I go back to work full time, but I really didn't want to be involved in speech therapy any more. Between 1979 and 1986 I managed an educational placement service, a temporary service, and became head of housekeeping at the University of Pennsylvania. Life sure changes the way you think about things and what you actually need in your life. If it wasn't for my children, my family and my faith I very easily could have fallen apart. In 1984 my daughter Kim was best friends with a boy for her highschool.The boy's father lost his wife one month before my husband died. The "kids" introduced us. Bill has two sons and a daughter. In May of 1986 Bill and I were married. You guessed it, I married a Smith. Bill and I opened an engineering company designing residential and commercial fire sprinklers. Believe it or not I actually aquired engineering skills. I did most of the design work for residential sprinklers and left the really big stuff to Bill ( all the commercial work) It was a good time. We worked together in offices in our home. We enjoyed a really good life with our combined families and our friends. In 2002 Bill suffered several mini strokes and was having other health issues. At that time my daughter and son in law suggested we buy porperty and build two houses so that they could be close to us and help if Bill had any problems. In 2004 after much prayer and soul searching I agreed. I knew that it would change our lives and had to make peace with the situation. We have closed our business and are now retired. BIll has had multiple health problems and as it turned out the decision to move was a really good one. Our houses are joined at the dining rooms and together we have almost 5,000 square feet of living space. It is all on one floor with pocket doors that LOCK between the two houses. Occationally we older folk require some quiet time with out the grandkids. Don't misunderstand they are the joy of our life but every now and then Grammy and Papa need a break.

Our Son Patrick (Rick)and his wife lives in Maryland and Bill and I spend a good deal of time with them. They have a large sting ray and we spend many long happy weekends with them on the boat. They live the typical yuppi life style and decided kids were not a part of it.

We are enjoying retirement but because of health issues are not able to do as much traveling as we would like. But I must say I have NO complaints.

Bill and I have a marriage based on love, commitment and joy in just being together. God is so good.

Bill and I are deeply involved in prison ministry. We teach set up and train people to participate in programs in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey State Prisons. We have been doing this for the past nine years and it is a joy to see the change in values and lives these programs have on these very special men.

Between us we have 8 grandchildren and 2 great grand children. Each family is growing rapidly and enjoying life.

We are greatful for the blessings we have received and happily approach each day with joy.

School Story:

WE had a group of girls from Ridgefield who formed a club. Boy this is taxing my memory! I believe the club was called the Rockets or something similar. We spent lots of time together and the friendships we formed have left me with very fond memorise of my high school years. There was Marion Ackley, Janet Dengler, Liana Simcich, Beverly Kiley, Connie Merlino, Joyce Garofalo, Doris Fruhling, Evelyn Deitz, Linda Loibl,Phyllis Townsend, Pat Imbach and Toni Laub. If I have left anyone out I'm sorry. My only excuse is that I'm getting old. I look forward to spending time with all of them at the reunion.