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02/12/10 08:24 PM #5    

Phyllis Townsend (Thompson)

Hi Everyone,
I am hoping to be at the 70th. I will try and book my flight so I can see my sis in Florida and we can drive over to the celebration.
My husband, Dave, passed on Nov. 19th so I will be there without him. He is in a much better place. It was because of his illness that I did not make the reunion.
I am so looking forward to see everyone.
Phyllis Townsend Thompson

11/13/11 03:08 PM #6    

Melvin Drakeford

Just received a call informing me that Jackie  'Jasper' Smith passed today, November 13, 2011. A wonderful guy and a good friend to all who knew him. He lived in Florida and stayed in touch with classmates on this site. He will be missed.

03/19/12 10:20 PM #7    

Barbara Rahner (Reese)

Hi Jon,

I want to thank you for all the great memories you recreate in the heads of your classmates.  I hope you are enjoying your new abode sans Viking.  Can't wait for the reunion and will help with the Ridgefield group and/or DC folk.  Let me know.

My Mom passed away in March 2011 at my home in Bethesda.  The Ridgefield Library is having a showing of her paintings for a month starting April 14th.  There will be an opening reception Sat April 14 at 1:00 pm. I would welcome seeing anyone who wants to come to Ridgefield - maybe we could gather after weather permitting in the garden at the house or Tivoli's - Bumgart's-Callahan's-you name it. 

I will be in town that week and would look forward to any planning event for the reunion.

Here's to many more years of gatherings.

Barbara Rahner Reese


04/02/12 08:19 AM #8    

Barbara Rahner (Reese)


Checking in to invite Ridgefield friends and other class mates to an opening featuring the art work by my mother, Vera Rahner, and recognizing the now defunct Ridgefield Art Association.  It is on Saturday, April 14th at 1:00 at the Ridgefield Public Library - 527 Morse Av. Ridgefield, 07657-reception at 2:00.

Would love to see anyone who can make it.

Barbara Rahner Reese



04/26/13 11:27 AM #9    

Barbara Rahner (Reese)

Hi Classsmates-

I am looking for some support to have a estate/garage sale at the family home in Ridgefield.  I think someone in our class does this as a profession and I would love to talk with them.. I house has an offer and they want to be in by the end of May.  This means spending a weekend or two in May selling things.

ANyone else who wants to offer a warm body-they will get breakfast lunch at the house and dinner at Tivoli's with wine to soothe the nerves!

I would love any advice-ie how to know a check is good?  You can email me through our website or

I look forward to hearing from anyone with advice-and friends. 


Best, Barbara Rahner Reese posted April 26, 2013






05/09/13 08:54 PM #10    

Barbara Rahner (Reese)

This is in response to the call for support at an Estate Sale at the Rahner's in Ridgefield.  Marianne Kincaid, Barbara Lowell and Beverly Kiley have been a great support in getting the sale together.  Now we need more bodies on Friday may 17 and Saturday May 18 to eat pizza, drink beer and/or water and gather for dinner at the end of the day to reharsh stories of the event.

We have been going through the yearbook and Crusin' the 50s and have hope that there are some of you that would like to join us for a little purpose and lots of fun. Lunch and dinner is provided as well as a place to stay in DC.  Just respond to this post and we will give you an assignment.

Hope to hear from some of you.  We already have 6 for each day but would love more.

Best, Barbara Rahner Reese




08/08/13 12:47 PM #11    

Tyree Glenn Jr.

Hi Everybody, Sorry to inform you all that I cannot make the reunion again because this time, Oct. 10th is the premier of my latest movie here in Germany!! I hope everyone will have fun and maybe I can make the next one!!:-)

Here is the link to the film trailer:

Here is the website:

Here is the link to my webpage:

                   Have fun from "Tante Tyree"!!:-)


 Those of you on Facebook, contact me!!

My e-mail address is:


10/03/13 01:18 PM #12    

Melvin Drakeford

Hello everybody, this is Melvin Drakeford with a message to inform you that I plan on attending the Thursday night mixer. I look forward to being with my old classmates.  I can't make the Friday affair because I am working with our Raider football team and they play on Friday night.

09/07/14 08:40 AM #13    

Melvin Drakeford

One, Two, Three a Poem for Wendell James Lea


                    Melvin L. Drakeford


Let us collectively think one last time

About the man women used to call fine,

He was quiet, smooth and very handsome

For him some women would pay a ransom,

He would dance and sing better than us all

But it was the Avons who gave him his call,

For the Avons he sang for many years

Singing Doo Wop and moving teens to tears,

Thinking of Wendell and our great memories of him

Without his light the world is dim,

So the world would be a much better place to see

If in life there were more like our brother Wendell James Lea.

09/08/14 10:59 AM #14    

Joan Smith (York)

Thank you Melvin.  A wonder way to remember Wendell.  Such a special person!

Joan Smith York

09/08/14 11:48 AM #15    

Jon Bittmann

Beautiful, Melvin.  Set your poem to music and it would make a really nice doo-wop tune.

Jon Bittmann

09/09/14 05:11 PM #16    

Thornton Cherot

from Tony Cherot

The Avons of Englewood

Wendell starts with the piano

The brothers start in singing ‘Baby”

Simple harmony, get the guys together and harmonize

We ain’t the Mills brothers

We sing of love, of heartbreak or of joy

That falsetto carrying the lyrics

The Curtis goes doo wah

Then it is “Our Love Will Never End”

Just a practice session in our living room

They tell me they named the group after my sister Yvonne or maybe a river in England

Yes, Englewood, we were there when R &B gave birth to Rock and Roll

04/08/15 07:47 PM #17    

Melvin Drakeford

Happy Birthday to Danny Brovero my long time friend. We chat together frequently. Danny is the type of friend that makes life great no matter what is going on in ones life. He tough, loyal, intelligent and despite it all he loves people. I am glad  to be one of his friends. Melvin Drakeford

04/10/15 02:34 PM #18    

Melvin Drakeford

Hello everybody,

I would like to publically thank Jon Bittmann for all his hard work in keeping this site operational. I had websites over the years and it is often a difficult and thankless task. So, please know that I appreciate all that you have done and we should award you someday for your contribution even though we know you are doing it for the good of all of us. Included in the contribution of those who make this site informative is the work done by Barbara LaPointe. Thank you, Barbara.

Again thanks, Melvin L. Drakeford


09/12/15 01:54 PM #19    

Melvin Drakeford

On Wednesday (9/9/15) the community of Englewood joined together in large numbers to show its love for departed legend, Frankie Taylor. Frankie as a junior started on our 1958 champion basketball team.






Frankie Taylor meant a lot to many of us

In sports, a player we could always trust,

In life, he would talk with great reasoning

Whether dancing, telling jokes or just teasing,

He was knowledgeable about life lessons

That came out usually in bull sessions,

Family and friends for a longtime will grieve

He suffered a great deal now maybe he is relieved,

Frankie we will miss you your personality was sound

You were a great friend we loved having you around,

So with these few words we want you to know

That the community loves you and that will always be so,

No matter the circumstances in this complex world

You will always be remembered as Frankie and Pearl,

You lived a full life bursting with fun

Bye, Bye little big man and thanks for the run.

09/13/15 10:00 AM #20    

Joan Smith (York)

God Bless and rest in eternal peace, with Love to all, Joan Smith-York

12/17/15 06:23 PM #21    

Sally Ihrig (Kazmierczak)

In answer to Jon Bittman's e-mail of 12/14/15 to the whole class  named Great trip to the Shore

Jon - I have to tell you I loved your tale of your trip to the shore.  That David is a unique individual.  I  would have taken your role, especially if I was with Barbara Rahner reese.  Sally Ihrig Kazmierczak


12/17/15 06:33 PM #22    

Sally Ihrig (Kazmierczak)

I want to wish Don Mason a wonderful birthday and New Year.  Our Oradell Class had a wonderful Junior High School Reunion and I have to say that Don Mason was such a big part of its great success.  I can't even explain how wonderful it was.  I think each of our Dwight Morrow towns should consider this. 

I was not anxious to go to this reunion and I was not much help but Joan Trich and Adrienne Witt did a great job locally and Don Mason & Betty Byrne from afar.

We had surprize class visitors during the weekend and when we went on our personalized tour of the school, we were accompanied by the School Superintendent & Board of Ed personnel and the "Press" by the way.  I feel bad for all the Oradellians who could not attend and I think we all felt thankful to those of us who were able to be there and felt attachments for those who couldn't.

We have other towns who can do this -  Edgewater, Englewood and Ridgefield. Love to all of you.  Sally 



12/20/15 10:39 AM #23    

Melvin Drakeford

Hi Jon,
You asked for details on the (1957 Raider football game) Fair Lawn game: The headlines for the Fair Lawn game read "Englewood's Long Runs Crush Fair Lawn, 44-13. Meier, O' Rourke and Drakeford Score Two Touchdowns Each. Brody ran back a punt for 56 yards I have the clippings.  We were a close team. We all contributed to a  great season.  Melvin Drakeford 

12/21/15 11:03 AM #24    

Jon Bittmann

 Hi.  A few days ago, I received this sad message from Jack Duffy's wife Chris. If you would like to reach out to Chris, I can pass along her email address.



Chris Duffy

Jon, I thought you and some of your classmates would like to know, that two weeks ago Saturday, I brought Jack home from the hospital, with Hospice care. Parkinsons, Supra Nueclear Palsy & Pneumonia have taken their toll. He was given one to three weeks to live, and is now in his third week, having given me the gift of being with me on our 51st. anniversary, which was Dec. 8th. He is holding on, is not in pain, and my goal is to keep him home with me until his great spirit decides to leave his very weary body.




12/21/15 11:07 AM #25    

Jon Bittmann

Barbara Lowell LaPointe

I’m saddened to let you know that Mary Louise Knapp’s twin sister Madeline, passed away last week. Madeline and I were lifelong friends and I will miss her.

She was smart, incredibly and incurably practical, resilient, kind, beautiful, and above all, a terrific, loving mother to her 3 children.  She was an extremely loyal and loving friend, not to mention a fiercely devoted sister,  Back in our teen years, she and Mary Louise were part of my family, frequent visitors known and loved by my parents and sibs who, inexplicably to me, often had trouble telling them apart. We were a threesome. When it came to the twins, as it says in the Sinatra song, "you can't have one without the other," nor did I ever want to. But then, unexpectedly, in our sophomore year at DMHS, everything changed and our threesome became a twosome as Madeline became a mother and homemaker, taking a dramatically different path from that of her twin and I. I've always felt sad about the fact that she wasn't able to join us as we embraced high school life. Still our bond remained, as it has to this day. While geographically apart, "The Twins" remained inseparable, even closer than in the early years, once they no longer had a need to fight for their individual identities. And we three were always in touch over the years, visiting frequently and often writing or phoning.  Saying good bye to one of my dearest, oldest friends is like saying good bye to a little bit of myself.

She was one extraordinary lady, one good woman, one dear friend. I will miss her always.

 If you look at her profile on our website, it says it all. She had a good life and a tough one, and left it, as she herself said, with no regrets.




12/21/15 01:54 PM #26    

Geraldine Kahn (Karetsky)

to Barbara Lowell,

Your notice about Madeline's passing was written with such love.  How well I remember the twins.  They were such adorable girls, and then I felt so frightened with Madeline became pregnant because I had no way to factor such an event.  How awful those days were when girls had to leave school and end their childhood.  Please give her sister a hug for me.

This website (and our own Jon Bittman) are wonderful.  They bring back memories  that I never would have processed.  My time in high school was so full of family trauma that I hardly knew what was going on around me.  Yet, for all who knew me, I functioned pretty well as a normal kids.  Still, the upshot is that most memories of my childhood are gone.  It's this website that brings so much back to me.    Thank you.

My sympathys to all on Madelines passing.


04/08/16 02:11 PM #27    

Melvin Drakeford

Happy Birthday to Danny Brovero a friend since high school who has always kept in touch as good friends do..

07/28/16 04:12 PM #28    

Barbara Rahner (Reese)

What sad news to learn of Danny Brovero's passing.  He was such a good person and friend-one of the best pivot points for our class. He was friends with us all and always had a smile for everyone.   He was a class pivot point; friends with everyone and caregiver for anyone who needed it.  I learned Danny was not well but was told he was conqueroring his illness.  Dear Danny, your smiling, loving soul will be very much missed.  My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and to his many, many friends who were able to enjoy his company after highschool, further deepening your friendship.




07/28/16 06:44 PM #29    

Melvin Drakeford

What makes life worthwhile? A poem about my friend Danny Brovero


Melvin L. Drakeford


Life is different for each of us

Some have it good and some have it rough,

Think about the people that you know

Did they develop or did they fail to grow?

Those who are close to you, some are kind

Some others that you know aren’t worth a dime,

Think about all the good ones living among us

What did they do to earn our trust?

Take a moment to think who your true friends are

You will find some friends who stand out by far,

I am thinking of a special friend I have known for sixty years or so

Knew him from high school in a school called Dwight Morrow,

We played football together and were treated like heroes

I remember football announcers saying, “tackle by Danny Brovero,”

Danny Brovero was a true Raider who was small in stature

But he signified Courage, Determination, Intelligence and Character,

He lived and played by the Raider Motto: “It is not the size of the

Dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog,”

Danny was my good friend and I know I speak for many who appreciated his style

Thank you Danny, for all that you have done friends like you make life worthwhile.

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