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08/19/09 11:31 AM #1    

Gerry Sokolik

Just received my book and was it worth waiting for. Thank you Alan for all the effort and thanks to all who contributed. I'll treasure it! I'm also thinking of having my will changed so it's cremated with me so I can look all of you up no matter where I end up..


08/19/09 09:19 PM #2    

Sandra Wohlberg (Nagy)

To: Alan Hembrough, Barbara Lowell, Jon and Rosary Bittman, Sharon Schlags, Buddy Wides, Anne Mason, Linda Reder, Betsy George, Carolyn Haines, Al Fischer, Barbara Donovan, Peter DeJong, Peter Rothenberg, Mike Schackman, Janice Herrschaft, Tom Conklin, and Bob Lindquist -

Thanks to Gail Santarelli's post and the copy/paste feature, I now know everyone responsible for the wonderful memory book and am able to thank all of you. What a treasure! I'm still finding things I didn't see the first time through. I hope there are extra copies just in case something should happen to a spill or an earthquake or someone's dog chews their copy. I'm keeping mine out where everyone can see it. Thank you all so very much.


08/28/09 07:59 AM #3    

Diane Vadelf (Gill)

A very belated thank you to all of the hard working classmates who made the last 50 years disappear, even if for just a short time. The reunion was very well planned and orchestrated. I just wish I had spent more time with so many more of you. Our own lives keep us very busy and seem to postpone some of the most important "Thank Yous". The reunion book has been almost worn out in my house, my children and grandchildren have looked it over and over and laugh at some things. I tell them that I would like to be a fly on the wall when they are out of school in 50 years!! Because of the reunion I found out that my brother in laws brother was in the class after ours and I knew Ronnie Rieck"s brother and his wife well. Just goes to show how small the world really is. If the 70th party goes on anywhere near Punta Gorda Florida, I have an 86' front porch with lots of space for just getting together. Take care and have a safe Labor Day. Diane Vadelf Gill

02/10/10 11:16 PM #4    

Barbara LaPointe Lowell (LaPointe)

Hi Everyone,
At the suggestion of Rich Crance, who noted that our Message Forum is now so long it's a bit of nuisance to scroll down, I've removed all but the most recent few posts. In doing so, I had a feeling of destroying history, and as I re-read each one for a last time, I decided I couldn't just send these writings off into Cyberspace. So, instead, I've cut and pasted them all into a Word document which is presently residing on my (computer)Desktop. If I can find another home for them here on the site, I'll put them there. Otherwise, they are still alive and well, and I'll gladly send a copy of the document to any of our classmates who would like one.

Meanwhile, looking ahead, we now have space freed up for dialogue about our upcoming birthday celebration. So, let's hear from you!

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